what is a craftivist?

The term “craftivist” is a merger of “craft” and “activist”.

It is used to refer to people who use forms of craft work to bring about social change.

This can be in the form of protest, but it can also be by involving socially or economically excluded people in making activities.


why is making things important?

Lots of people find that craft helps them because:

It’s a very rewarding feeling to make something and see a finished project through.

When your hands are busy making something and you concentrate on the craft work, you get a break from all the things you are worrying about.

You can chat and feel part of the group without feeling like you are making an effort to socialise.

You may improve manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

It’s fun!


showcases high-quality, hand-made, social enterprise art and craft products, and hosts pop-up craft tasters, shows and mini-exhibitions.

Our aims are:
To help local social enterprises maintain and develop their therapeutic art and craft activities for vulnerable folk by providing a high-quality retail outlet.

To provide affordable opportunities for people to enjoy new craft activities.

To help connect the creative sector with the community sector.


Craftivists is run by Hastings Furniture Service, an established social enterprise and registered charity that specialises in reuse, upcycling and training.